About this blog

My name is Rodolfo Taboada, and I am a Master of Design candidate in the Strategic Foresight and Innovation (SFI) graduate program at OCAD University. This work is been made with the advice of Greg Van Alstyne, an Associate Professor in this program.

The blog you are reading has been created to show the work concerning my independent studies in this program.


In this blog I am exploring the possibilities of making a profitable and innovative product and service that evolves at the cross-roads of illustration design and digital media. E-books, blogs, social media and new devices are all bringing new possibilities of potencial for the future of books (maybe print? The written word?) and we have seen how consumer behaviour is constantly evolving. I want to add to this discourse by exploring the future of illustrated books and the full possibility of using illustration as the main characteristic of the book. My intention is to achieve a better understanding of the market possibilities in order to create a successful business model that considers illustrated digital online books. The potential of co-creatied online illustration; the development of activity books is a excellent opportunity which I would like to explore further.

I would like to undertake this independant study in conjunction with my partner, Mariana, who is an experienced book illustrator. My partner and I have worked on editorial and illustrated designs in the past and we see this project as an opportunity to have a unique space for creativity, development and innovation around the idea of the book.

Research objectives, methodologies, and expected outcomes.

My studies will start with a thorough research to find the most relevant and interesting models for successfully combining illustration and digital media.

Research Objectives

–           To explore different possibilities for the illustrated book using new digital media tools to present it and create it.

–           A combination of internet research exploring artistic, profitable, professional and non professional models.

–           Strategy evaluation criteria for measuring success.

–           Design thinking processes to generate innovative proposals.

Expected outcomes

–           Research

–           Strategy development, Evaluation,

–           Strategy proposal

 Main Bibliography.

-Carr, N. (2008). Is google making us stupid? The Atlantic Online

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-Wolf, M. (2007). Proust and the squid : The story and science of the reading brain (1st ed.). New York, NY: Harper.

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-Greenfield, J., & McQuivey, J. L. (2013). Finding the Future of Digital Book Publishing:” Interviews With 19 Innovative Ebook Business Leaders”. Betterway Books.





A discussion of the relevance to SFI program

My current focus of study is in the Strategic Foresight and Innovation Masters Program at OCADU. Here, we learn about (say something about Business model here) The studies are relevant because the project is searching for different innovative business models in digital media. The project needs some valuable research and a strategy development process will be used to propose and/or implement a former strategy.

I would like to make this proposal a reality. I see these independent studies as an opportunity to test and expand much of the acquired knowledge that I have received in the program.


Deadline 1 – Literature review and industrial analysis – Thu Jun 12

Deadline 2 – Innovation opportunity evaluation – Thu Jul 10

Deadline 3 – Strategic Design proposal – Thu Aug 7


Awareness + Breadth

Creativity + Depth


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