Research Structure

In order to find the right research question for my studies, I used a Venn Diagram as a way to uncover the main intersection according to my main concerns and interests. Once that crossed section was found, it was easier to seek for any previous research about the same topic, consider their findings, and avoid duplicating research efforts.

Venn diagram crossing illustration (aestethics), business (publishing) and e-book (technology)

During the research process, I used the Venn diagram to categorize the different information and insights found in the literature found. The first intention for doing this was to order the huge amount of information coming to my mind. The visual tool helped me to decide wich path my research should follow and prevent irrelevant research. The intention or criteria was not to reach a complete visual balanced diagram but to find possible gaps whether there were no information available, or research to decide when some data where not required at this stage of the process.

Tags and topics located on the venn diagram

Tags and topics located on the venn diagram

Locating ideas coming from the research, I try then to make connections between the different concepts. This exercise results in new visualization such as the following relationship map. I added some transparent circles creating different sub-themes when talking about e-books, illustration and business and innovation opportunities.

click to enlarge



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