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Pop up books promoter and collector article

For decades the country’s leading producer of the books, he (Waldo Hunt) is widely credited with having taken a long dormant, long marginalized, and long unprofitable publishing genre and making it a thriving, ubiquitous industry…

Fox Margalit. (2009, November 26). Waldo Hunt, King of the Pop-Up Book, Dies at 88. The New York Times. Retrieved from: http://www.nytimes.com/2009/11/26/arts/26hunt.html?_r=0


Illustrations talking about books and e-books

I created a pinterest board showing some images talking about illustrated books, digital vs print, and some other things related to the research. See the board: http://www.pinterest.com/soyrodo/digitalbook-studies/

Some images:

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Some historic facts about the illustrated bookand self publishing.

Since the scrolls of ancient Egypt, people have used images with text. The styles have evolved with changes in technology. Wood engraving, etching, lithography, and photography have been used to illustrate everything from travel books and encyclopedias to industrial product catalogs and scientific treatises. Contemporary artists discover new ways to express metaphors which are relevant to our era. Exhibit categories include…



In this post I will paste some examples of illustrators using internet and other rich media as part of their work:

Geninnes Art Work: A very good example of an illustrator artist using media to boost her career: A Blog, an engaging facebook fan page, online store, etc.: http://blogdelanine.blogspot.ca/

Erin Stead Portfolio. Including  a video promoting his books.


Paula Bonet online site.Includes an illustrated diary:


SNAKE LEAVES. An online illustrated book and other online art

Some good examples of a digital online illustrated books.

The story happens in one single scenery, illustrations changes, after some point you need to scroll down and scroll right to discover the whole story:


Illustrated dreams diary:


Very nice animated illustration: http://www.immersive-garden.com/

A very classic example of illustration taking advantage of media resources:


Napkin archive

This is just an example of a complementary narrative based illustrated story shared online that is working as a good avertising strategy to the work of a professional illustrator artist.

Mom Creates 2,000 Different Pop Art Napkin Drawings For Her Sons’ Lunchboxes Over The Past Six Years

The web page: http://ninalevy.net/section/248463_Napkin_Archive.html

The article: http://www.today.com/parents/brooklyn-moms-napkin-art-helps-her-bond-sons-6C10195138

Color e-books in Nook Color Device

[Barnes and Noble Opens Color Ebook Publishing]On July 12, 2011, Barnes and Noble announced a new way for kids and teen authors to create color ebooks. Barnes and Noble already has a platform that kids can use to write and illustrate books, and then the books are published in an elementary sense. The Real Books by Real Kids program is closer to a traditional publishing experience, or at least traditional in the relatively young world of electronic book publishing.

Full Article: https://suite.io/alex-sharp/5hyk2cg